Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This year is my 10th anniversary as a novelist. In the decade since my firstborn, BY BLOOD POSSESSED, appeared, I've docked at various ports in cyberspace and posted thoughts on writing, food, music, books, the mystery world and the supposed real world, not to mention a slew of general silliness. I'm grateful to all the forums who've given me time on their soapboxes, but I've decided it's time I had my own home base. Today I become a blogger.

I'll warn you, I'm moody. You might stop in looking for writing advice and find a Cole Porter song parody instead. And once in a while I'll be forced to stop playing and make the obligatory new book announcement.

an Agatha Christie short story companion
Now available from Bella Rosa Books.

I'd like this to be somewhat of a conversation. If you have questions about my books or topics you'd like me to comment on, speak up. (Keep it clean--I want my Young Writer's Day students
to be able to read this.)

No guarantee that I'll post each day. I have a family and an occasional day job and lots of folks I don't seem to be able to say no to. So I'll aim for twice a week at first and we'll see what develops.

Now, how shall I sign off? Ciao? Forever yours? Until we meet again? Later, dudes?
Maybe just -- Peace.


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