Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My New Teapot

In the last few days, I think I've emailed or posted this photo just about everywhere, but I only now realize that I forgot to post it here on my blog.

For those of you who don't know, in the mystery writing world, there are major awards called the Agathas. The teapot in the photo is an Agatha Award for best nonfiction mystery book of 2009. The book was my companion guide to Agatha Christie's short stories titled DAME AGATHA'S SHORTS.

I was thrilled with the nomination, but did not at ALL expect to win. (I was up against P.D. James for Pete's sake!) When they announced my book at the banquet, the blood was pounding so hard in my ears, I couldn't hear anything for 15 minutes. When they handed me the teapot, all I could think was "Oh, no! Now I have to climb the stairs to the podium and I'll probably trip and drop the thing." I don't really remember what I said at the podium. I hope it made sense. Pretty sure I babbled.

If so, what I meant to do was to thank (a) the Malice Domestic Conference, since it was there a few years back that I first got the idea to do a book about Christie's short stories; (b) Rod Hunter of Bella Rosa Books, for his enthusiasm in taking the project and publishing a classy-looking book; (c) my brother, for helping me with caregiving duties so I could sneak away to work on the book; and (d) the Delaware Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime, who've been great friends and major support the last 15 years.

Idiot that I am, I forgot to thank Agatha Christie, not only for the inspiration for this book, but for being my mentor through her works since I started writing.

Think I'll spend one more day up here on cloud nine before I get back to laundry and groceries and bill paying.


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