Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Frog in My Throat

I now have a scar coveted by pirates and mystery writers alike.  My Sisters in Crime chapter said I need an elaborate story about how I fought off an attacker determined to slit my throat.  My brother thinks I should  simply state that the vampire wore braces.  Either explanation is way more entertaining than just saying I had thyroid surgery.

So, unlike a lot of mystery writers, I've now had the experience of having my throat cut.  Of course I slept through the actual cutting, so that's no help (not that I would have had it any other way, given a choice).  I can tell you I woke up with a head and throat filled with fluid and had the sensation of drowning.  Possibly I could write a good water-boarding scene from it.  I was surprised that I could talk, albeit softly, with a sexy bullfrog-like rasp.  I also now know how many different movements of the body require neck muscles.  If they aren't working, getting out of bed is next to impossible.

I had time to contemplate, in those first 48 hours, what a faux pas of evolution the neck seems to be.  I mean, the heart's protected inside the ribcage and the brain's protected inside the skull, but connecting the two is this narrow, vulnerable isthmus.  Then again, it's a great design for craning above the herd to search for approaching predators or the nearest Starbucks.

Anyway, I have a new experience to work into my writing.  And maybe I should get my next author photo taken before the scar fades.



Mary A. Shafer said...

Great post, and interesting! Good luck with the healing process. Break open Vitamin E gel capsules and rub the oil directly on the scar for a faster, better heal. And just FYI, my dad had this surgery and you can't even tell.

Kate Gallison said...

Hope it won't mess up your singing voice.


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