Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FEAR ITSELF Trailer and Answers to Contest #2

Book trailers are becoming popular so I decided to make one for FEAR ITSELF.  As an advertisement, it's not Superbowl worthy, but it's short, painless, and gives you an idea what you'll find in the book.  The background tune is best described as Miss Maggie walking music (actually, the original 78 RPM version of "Brother Can You Spare A Dime.")  Enjoy!


The answers to the second Never Fear Fear Itself Contest quiz are

1.  Sojourner Truth not only helped recruit black troops for the Union cause, but, after the Civil War, worked among freed slaves with the National Freedman's Relief Association.  Besides that she often spoke about the plight of black women, and rights for all women.  So the answer is D - All of the above.

2.  I had it pointed out to me that my wording was poor in the second question.  Joseph Rainey, of South Carolina, was the first African American elected to the House of Representatives in a general election (in 1870).  Hiram Revels was the first black man to serve in Congress, as a senator from Mississippi, but he was appointed (earlier in 1870 than Rainey served).  However,  the Mississippi legislature held an election amongst themselves to choose Revels.  Since I didn't specify "general election" in the question, I accepted both answers A and B.

3.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 prohibited states from imposing their own voting registration qualifications, so C is the correct answer.  The reason this ended up giving more minorities the right to vote was because many states had enacted laws creating prerequisites to voting registration--such as literacy tests--to limit minority voting.

This month's winners are Suzanne Pontius and Penny Tuttle.  Questions for Contest #3 will show up right here in mid-March.  Study up on your Revolutionary War and pre-Constitution American history.

Down with tyranny, here and abroad,

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