Monday, July 30, 2012


I feel today like I haven't a creative bone in my body. Or I suppose "cell in my brain" is closer to anatomically correct. But I also don't have a critical bone in my body today, so correctness isn't a high priority either.

The highlight of my existence right now is harvesting herbs. Not an event I'll be talking about for weeks to come. I keep thinking a real writer would already be tossing around ideas for a mystery titled Death By Dill or Poisoned By Pesto, yet nothing occurs to me.

My car went through its annual state inspection and oil change last week. Did that inspire Inspector Tierod and the Corpse in the Corolla? No.

The trash container that I use for overflow from my rain barrel sprung a leak after an epic thunderstorm. The Mildew At The Bottom Of the Can? Be Worried In The Rain? The Perp in the Puddle? Nope. Sigh.

Cole Porter's "I Get A Kick Out of You" was the first time I encountered the word "ennui." Leave it to the French to make being bored and listless sound romantic. Too cool a word for such a horrible case of the blahs.

Writers need brain stimulation. So next week, I've decided to go find some. Going to load up my car trunk with it, bring it home, freeze it. That way, I can thaw a package of stimulation when I need it during my winter doldrums next January.

Meantime, I'm leaving the A/C off. Maybe I can work out a plot to Witness For The Perspiration.



BPL Ref said...

With the A/C mention, you might think about doing a series based on the alphabet! Or numbers. ;-)

Have you seen the videos of Henri the cat with ennui?


Anonymous said...

Love the photograph of the cat who is the very picture of ennui! The titles you won't write were very amusing ones. I found this post inspirational. Where was it I read this week that being blocked for awhile is important?


carl brookins said...

I like Poisoned by Pesto the best. I dunno, Elena, I've always thought ennui was kind of a listless word. I know Dragon doesn't like it. at least not the way my voice sounds. Enny way, I don't think ennui is a block, it's more like a slow ledak.
be well


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